A MIGHTY! IELTS Speaking Teacher!

I created a IELTS Speaking Teacher, I collected the latest speaking question since Sep-Dec 2023, And I could use it to do mock test!! It is super useful and help me a lot!! Appreciate all the works from Automan. I save bunch of money to learn the IELTS course LOL.

If you are curious about my GPT, go and try it! If there are any bugs Please inform me ASAP!! I’ll fix it immediately.

IELTS Speaking Mentor


I guess the link you shared is broken. It does nothing when I tap or click the link.
Could you check the link? I am very curious about your GPTs!

Hi! Thank you for your interests!!
I checked my link but cannot figure out the problem.
I will provide the link here, https://chat.openai.com/g/g-rElAuZEhN-ielts-speaking-mentor
Please inform me if it works!!

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This works!!! Thank you.
I will check it and reach you later

I checked your GPTs and it’s awesome!
I have 7.5 on IELTS speaking, and your GPTs is extremely powerful to improve my English!

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Glad to hear that!!!
I upload latest speaking questions to my GPTs. And I bet GPTs has generated bunch of valuable insights that we as learners unable to notice. Really shocked by GPTs!
BTW, are you able to talk to it in your GPT APP?

Yeah, their response is absolutely stunning. I asked GPTs to value my answers and check my grammer mistakes. I have not tried the talking function yet.

You gotta try a Speaking Mock Test LOL!! It’s gonna be super exciting!

I am trying now, but it is too slow to respond. I cannot build the conversation with natural speed. It takes 30-60 seconds to respond my speaking. Is it because of tons of dataset (i know it may cause the slow responds) or just because the high demand on OpenAI?

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I also created my own GPT to help improve my IELTS score. However, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t offer advice as effectively as an actual IELTS teacher. It mostly gives examples that aren’t very helpful.

What IELTS parts you specifically want to improve? I think GPT will us a useful advice on Writing. But since the TTS has now been available. I am trying to train it as a Speaking teacher.

That’s what I am concerning about. Every time it needs to go through the document, it is really a time-consuming progress.
Since i’ve already uploaded all the documents, GPTs supposed to reading the document advance, not every time after we ask it the questions…