503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

When i am trying to make multiple requests to OPENAI I am getting 503 what should i do? i have my card added and i just made 20 queries how is that rate limited?

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The status page is normal.

Could be massive request volume from chatGPT causing issues.

Not your fault.

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I am worried because my customers will be facing this issue too, what to do?

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We’re investigating elevated errors on text-davinci-003. We’re actively looking into this and preparing a resolution.


We’ve just pushed a fix to resolve the issue – apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for reporting!


is text-devinci-003 not ready for production?

I mean will this happen again? if so i can down grade to 002

Same issue for me, I often have 503 with davinci-003 :confused:

Just for this error for 2 of my customers. text-003 is creating issue, if its not production ready, please let us know.

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Still facing this issue feb 21 2023.

I’m getting 500 Internal Server Error now, and I’ve seen it for 15 minutes. I’m using text-embedding-ada-002

As you can see is a general issue, the servers are down “Major outage” check the current status https://status.openai.com/

Receiving 503 while status remains operational

503 (Service Unavailable) the api is not responding or something will this take a longer time to be resolved ?

now i have the 401 (Unauthorized) error