400 errors on GPT Vision API since today

Hi there,

Since today I’m getting many 400 errors when sending requests to analyze jpeg images using the openai library (OpenAI.chat.completions.create, model: “gpt-4-vision-preview”). It seems quite inconsistent/flaky too, as they do not appear for every image and rerunning sometimes solves the issue. The error specifically:

Error code: 400 - {‘error’: {‘message’: “You uploaded an unsupported image. Please make sure your image is below 20 MB in size and is of one the following formats: [‘png’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’, ‘webp’].”, ‘type’: ‘invalid_request_error’, ‘param’: None, ‘code’: ‘image_parse_error’}}.

I’m sending the base64 representation of the image ( i.e. through the image_url object inside of the message content; ‘data:image/jpeg;base64’ ), compressed within 20MB, and also saved it locally to verify manually and all seems fine and in line with the requirements.

I’m only experiencing these errors since today so it seems like a bug was introduced today/yesterday. Can you please have a look into this?

Also, if anyone has any insights into this, it’d be much appreciated. May you need any more information from my side, please let me know!

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum.

Being so new, it could be a bit unstable at times. I’d give it a day or so, and if it doesn’t improve, reach out to help.openai.com and let them know.

Hope you stick around.


There’s really no need to be sending something that big.

The vision endpoint will resize the longest dimension to be under 2048 pixels, and then resize so the shortest dimension is max 768.

That makes a standard 3:2 ratio picture out of a camera or phone be 1152x768 - and then you also pay for 6 tiles, a tile being the 512x512 underlying vision model unit.

That 1152x768 that the AI actually sees then: maximum 2.66MB with lossless image, and lossless PNG with compression, closer to 1.5MB.

Smart image resizing before sending will help your budget, improve the speed server-side by eliminating resize (and perhaps improve the symptoms), and cut down on the network transmission.

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I’ve been facing the same error since the morning, with images as small as 138 KB.

Edit: added example image which is failing:

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Thank you, I will! Hopefully it’ll be solved shortly because it’s making it practically impossible to run my automation flows unfortunately.

P.S. I’ve reported the bug as well through help.openai.com.

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Thank you for the advice! I’m definitely not sending images anywhere close to 20MB. I mentioned it being within those limits to indicate that the size should not be the cause of the problem - it being within the accepted limits. FYI: I automatically rescale the images I’m sending, generally they’ll be around 1MB-2MB. They’re high resolution though, like 8000x12000, due to upscaling software used. So I also resize them to be within reasonable limits ( 10 megapixels ), although this should already happen when setting the detail=‘low’ param on the API.

As for the pricing, I believe this shouldn’t make a difference as I’m using this detail = ‘low’ setting, i.e. low resolution mode :slight_smile:

Low is max 512x512, a single tile, so you can just send that resolution.

The AI: :robot: :mag_right:

For the model input, yes. I believe it gets rescaled to that automatically in the pipeline on OpenAI’s side from the API to the model, when using the low-res mode. I’ve been sending larger resolution images using the low-res mode since it launched and has always worked fine.

Quoting from their own documentation:

  • A 4096 x 8192 image in detail: low most costs 85 tokens
    • Regardless of input size, low detail images are a fixed cost.


Any response from help.openai.com? I am facing the same issue.


+1, i’ve been seeing this error for a really small, low resolution 7KB image (attached)

it’s weird because this one specifically always seems to fail, while others are more likely to pass

from what i’ve seen so far if the image is pure text overlayed on a background, that is sufficient but not necessary for a 400

The “magnets” screen grab (looks like you also transcribe Feynman) is 1194x908

That is resized by the API to 1010x768.

It may be that the vision model doesn’t like black in the resulting four tiles and the extra fill.

Sending at under 512x512 and/or setting API quality parameter to “low” may make these problems go away, especially when source is SD video that is under 640x480.

Everybody including me is trying to run self operating computer.

It uses GPT vision to see what is going on the screen and then tries to use the computer according to instructions.

Hey! I tested this image and I don’t get an error, it seems to be working okay for me.

Hey! This image also works for me, it might have to do with some formatting change from being uploaded to the forum platform and then downloaded by me.

I have also seen this on images that are < 100KB.

I am re-sizing them to size=(1280, 720) and passing as base64 encoded strings.

It seems to be non-deterministic.

The same two images will fail w/ error above and later work.

@logankilpatrick possible that someone from OpenAI could also have a look?

I work at LangChain and have been working on multi-modal RAG.

This has been one of the blockers.

One of the images:

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And the other (sorry Im a new user and can only add 1 image per post :P).

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Unfortunately still no response from help.openai.com. I’ve temporarily built in an autonomous retry mechanism that’ll eventually process all, but it’s far from ideal.

I agree, I’m experiencing the exact same non-deterministic behavior. I’ve retried the same image multiple times, and sometimes it’ll go through fine, other times it won’t. Also it can get through the 1st or 2nd time, but it can also take many retries, it’s very flaky.

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Hi @logankilpatrick,

Any progress in this matter as this has become a bottleneck since last week.
would appreciate if you have any news on this matter.


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