3 simple prompting techniques that works for me

Using AI is fun but sometimes getting the right output is not.

You may try 100’s of prompts but still not get satisfying results.

Sometimes, it’s no longer about the prompt and more about the technique.

And that’s where my 3 prompt techniques come in.

1. Series Prompting Technique

↳ Break prompt into multiple sequential prompt

↳ This technique gives more structured and informative results

↳ It avoids irrelevant information in the output

↳ Example - You want to write a blog on meditation and its benefits. So, you prompt AI in steps to write the introduction, then body and at last, conclusion. The output from the first goes as input the second and so on.

2. Parallel Prompting Technique

↳ Break your prompt into chunks and then combine

↳ This technique gives more diverse and interesting results

↳ Use it to get different tones and styles in one combine output

↳ Example - You want to write a blog on meditation and its benefits. So you’d:

Chunk 1: “Write a brief history of meditation.”
Chunk 2: Explain the different types of meditation practices.
Chunk 3: Discuss the scientific benefits of meditation.
Chunk 4: Share personal anecdotes or quotes about the impact of meditation.

And then combine them with another prompt.

3. Looping Prompting Technique

↳ Using the same prompt multiple times until you get the desired result, each time asking AI to do/add an extra bit

↳ It is used in combination with Series/Parallel Prompt for better results

↳ Example -
Prompt: Write an introduction to meditation and its benefits.
AI Output: The AI provides an introduction to meditation and highlights some of its benefits, such as stress reduction and improved focus. Prompt Loop: great. Now make it better.

Use these techniques and you’ll have results that are wayyy better.

AMA below.