You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 2:04 PM

Same here, I’ve been using GPT-4 for about 20 minutes and this message popped up. Could it be because they have a big demand? It’s been a while since GPT is working little bad, taking too long to respond and to make the answers. But this solution is not the correct one. We are Plus users and we shouldn’t be denied with its use because we PAY for that.


Same here, and half of the messages is because I have to repeat what I’ve already told it. It just doesn’t remember!

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my issue it im spending MY Time trying to correct the errors chat gpt cant fix it self and a lot of time it messes up my gtps code, it will change thing in my config even if i tell it not to. I have had where my configure is set then it gets messed up and I don’t press save so I figured no changes were done come to find out later it stored my configuration that’s not how it’s supposed to work it’s only supposed to work when I choose the option to save,

i think i can make a custom GTPS called (slow typer ) I’m pretty sure I won’t need to add anything into the instruction config page


I am now on 25 per 3 hours. How? And now I have to wait 90 minutes? This has got to be the most expensive service. Double the fee if you have to and remove this cap. Or at least make it considerably higher. And no, not 50 per 3 hours either. It needs to be considerably higher.


That’s true. It is getting slower. And having to regenerate responses quite frequently due to “network error”.


So basically we are lab rats, and the worst part of it is that we are paying for that…
I can’t wait to see the competition (which I hope will have more consideration for their customers AND contributors) dethrone them.


Perhaps this is what happens when 500 employees leave for Microsoft en masse.

Does anyone know if we lose access to our 4-level conversations when we unsubscribe?

Got the same limit! Are you joking, OpenAI? Firing Sam and limits to the user? Welcome to a great new company… What are the alternatives?

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I got the exact same message after 13 messages, It’s the first time in months I had a problem with the limitation, does anybody know when Elon is releasing his AI?? Can’t wait to unsubscribe from this sh*t

I understand they have to put a cap, but 40 is to low for asking 20 euros per month.
On top of that usually when it has a network error or other error you also loose a query or when the bot rephrases because you flagged the answer as bad…
I think the cap might be good when there is high pressure on the systems, but not all the time…
And if they take more subscribers, they should expand capacity instead of restricting existing users.


Hi I just encountered the same situation… do you mean all i worked on is lost now?? Or can I recover it after the the time given has expired?

there are serious bugs with the limitation, used 20 messages (20 questions and 20 answers) and hit the limit then I’ve waited the time so i can prompt again and then after 2 messages got hit a limit again!!! seriously this is crap, I’m going to unsubscribe as with such limit it’s not usable, most of the time bot is so nerfed that he tries to avoid printing out full responses as much as possible so that even adds up to more wasted messages and now this is totally wrong.


So, I got a limitation cap, I’m a plus user. In the early days, it used to revert to 3.5 but now I don’t even have that option. Surely as a paid user, you shouldn’t be cut off completely?

I can’t wait till Sam Altman gets back so we can have somebody that knows what there doing to fix things around here because here we go again.
On top of that when you sign up for chat gpt-4 plus I didn’t see anything about a usage limit I know on 3.5 there’s not.
And now they’re talking about having GPT 5 sounds like somebody spending more time focusing on that area and NOT focusing on paid customers.

And I’m getting data cap limit just on writing text I think I asked it about 15 times and got the hammer you use your usage.

I can’t believe that something is supposed to be so sophisticated can’t even be reliable. I would like to get a month free for my troubles for compensation


I just counted my prompts and I have a total of 19 in under 90 minutes and it just capped me out for almost 1 hour before I can gain access again

Duing that period it errored out on very simple requests and got a TON of analysis incorrect. It gave me responses to a spreadsheet that was compeltely wrong.

Sheet uploaded contained this
Cell C7 = CARTER and Cell L7 = CARTER

Chat told me that


I uploaded a screenshot of the columns and rows and it identified the following using OCR:
Cell C7 = CARTER and Cell L7 = CARTER

I uploaded the excel file again and it went back to telling me VANCOUVER was in the Cells!!!

50% of my 19 prompts were clarifications and corrections and I’m locked out for an hour on top of it


based on openai website, up to 50 messages in every three hour.

WHY the USAGE CAP is getting lower and lower every time?
And GPT responses looks like disobeying my instructions and continually waste my prompt tokens, is the how the GPT waste our usage cap so that it can load balance the “so called load” ? during overwhelming load period.

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What are we paying for if there’s still a cap?

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same fore me!
Why are these restrictions not mentioned when we buy?!!

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I’m searching as well. BLOOM?