Your service is useless for developers - just tell us the truth

do not wait, you have no chance in this game, just go with another system if possible or do not do AI now.
Look at Plugins, who got access first to build their apps before everyone else? the big companies.
You come after.

Anyway, it was obvious that the AI game is going to be a game of the big companies, just like with hardware chips (IoT).
OpenAI have no intention that you will be successful because API money is small.
Just like what Elon did with Twitter API.

If you think indies are going to get rich you are very wrong :frowning:


Well, at the very least we can try to make a difference. I can sense the passion behind your words. Nobody likes picketers until they make a difference - or until they’re run over.

OpenAI please respond!.. WHY ON EARTH ARE THE API CALLS SOOOOOOOO SLOW??? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FREAKIN FIX??? It’s wasting our f… n time

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You guys are awesome! I get great response times. I am using web services to GPT-3.5-turbo to classify the question, back to my web server, to my SQL database with pertinent prompts, back to GPT-3.5-turbo and back to my webGL Unity application, then to Google cloud TTS and back where the end user hears the response to any question they can come up with. Always in under 10 seconds, with a very large percentage of small token transactions in under 2 seconds. Yes, I want instant. Yes, I know you will get the response times down, while simultaneously working on GPT-5, plugins and however many other tools. Tools I might add that are going to make my life not only easier exponentially, but allow me to develop solutions that are of a magnitude of more value I will never be able to thank you enough.
On top of that, the amount of time and money I will save from not having to hire developers who spend more time complaining than actually doing work is beyond belief. Having the opportunity to use your models prior to them being perfected is a choice that I will take every single time, in every situation.
I appreciate the service I am getting from you guys, knowing there was a LOT of hard work getting here. Overall, it is saving me time and money while allowing me to deliver products faster, with less effort, and products that are a giant leap in functionality and value. And oh by the way, I am using this with students in grades 3-12, all of whom have no patience for anything to load. I have not had one complaint about latency (or lag) yet.
In the past, most of the development I needed would require a lot of doc writing, interviewing, communication of business needs, current systems as well as start-to-finish training in order to ensure comprehensive solutions.

The only comment I have for you is Thank You!

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Making unfounded accusations is not going to solve the problem.

We gotta understand that the demand is too high for them, even they have thousands of GPUs. :crazy_face:
I think maybe, half of the people on the planet is trying to reach to GPT3.5 and GPT4.
So, be paitent! :joy:

And hey! When will ya give me perms to use GPT4 API? :face_with_peeking_eye:
I’ve waited for weeks while other lucky dudes got it less than 1 day… @logankilpatrick

I think you have unrealistic expectations on how fast these guys can scale considering the number of people using their services is growing exponentially.


You can do a lot with money, and OpenAI has a lot of money, but money can’t solve everything, at this point OpenAI needs more people, and there’s a limit to how many and how quickly you can hire new people.

We just need to be patient and wait, I understand that it’s frustrating, I myself joined the waitlist on day 1 and haven’t heard anything yet. I believe OpenAI is working to fix their issues as soon as possible, we will just have to wait.

I may be in the minority here, but I don’t mind the looooooong response times, it’s still a service in development, you can still develop and test your product. This is great when the waitlist is still being processed.

Let’s say that company A gains access to GPT-4 and shorter response times, enabling to deploy their service. company B is still stuck on the waiting list and can’t launch their service. Said company might get angry and sue OpenAI claiming anti-competitive or unfair business practices.

I’d much prefer that OpenAI just open the waitlist floodgates and focuses on improving their servers, sure the response time will be worse, but only temporarily.

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Silly of them for not solving it, as indirectly they are promoting the growth and development of (Open Assistant).

Going to close this for now so folks can open new threads for specific issues they might be running into. To reiterate, we are scaling as fast as we can! Hang tight, and thank you for being patient!