"Your credit card was declined. Try paying with a debit card instead." DO SOMETHING instead of closing every thread asking for the same help over and over again!

I’m sick of it, I tried my card on 3 different pc and 2 different phone… and I even tried to create a new account, but nothing work, it’s always : “Your credit card was declined. Try paying with a debit card instead.”
I’ve contacted your support but no answers, I’ve searched online and it seems tons of people have the same problem but you just don’t care and never answer… always saying “check support” but there is nothing useful in the help, it just say random useless stuff like try a other browser or a other card, I tried other browsers and other PC and I have a single paiement card, this one !

ever heard of paypal ?? how in 2023 you are incapable to allow paiement with paypal, or crypto or anything else that don’t require a BANK

why don’t you want to take my money ? I need GPT 4 for work NOW but can’t access it, every hour without it cost me money !

( just wait for it everyone, you will see this thread being closed with a simple “check help center” or “contact the support that will never answer to you” )