Your credit card has been declined

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am writing to express my frustration with the payment system for upgrading to ChatGPT Plus. I have attempted to pay using multiple credit cards as well as virtual credit cards, but all of my attempts have been declined. This has caused a significant inconvenience for me as I am eager to utilize the advanced features of ChatGPT Plus.

I understand that payment processing can be a complex issue, but I feel that the current system is not adequate. It is not clear why my payments are being declined, and I have not received any helpful guidance on how to resolve the issue.

As a loyal user of your product, I had hoped that the payment process would be smoother and more user-friendly. I am disappointed that this is not the case, and I urge you to take steps to improve the system.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in resolving this matter. Thank you for your attention to this issue.


Exactly the same here. None of my cards works.

Dear OpenAI Customer Support,

I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment regarding the recent rejection of my credit card when attempting to make a GPT Plus purchase on your website.
I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a clear explanation for the rejection of my payment and advise on any steps I can take to resolve this issue.
I am eager to continue using OpenAI’s services and products, but this experience has left a sour taste in my mouth. I hope that we can resolve this matter promptly, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thank you for your attention

My cards worked everywhere so far but not at open AI.
Would have liked to subscribe.
Well, at least GPT 3 complained for me :wink:


I have the exact same issue. I tried multiple cards from multiple states, both credit and debit, private and company. None worked.


Hey folks, please read this support article: Why was my credit card declined? | OpenAI Help Center we use Stripe on the backend to process credit cards (one of the worlds largest payment processors). It is possible the cards are being declined due to various checks on Stripes side. Please read the support article for details.


Same issue.

I tried multiple times with multiple cards, still failed.


Hey guys, I had the same issue multiple times as I was trying to pay over any browser on my computer and home router. First time I tried paying with mobile phone over cellular network it worked like a charm. Try it out! Cheers!


Have you tried it? That does not work!!
Kudos to [remigijus.dailide] for providing a working solution.


I get the same error and tried multiple cards but the same issue. I’m from Sri Lanka.


i’m still getting this error, tried multiple cards and also tried calling the bank. they haven’t seen anything on their side


The support article offers ZERO support.


The support article is not helpful. No Indian credit cards are going through. Is this not open to Indian users? I tried using VPN, but still didnt work. I do not have either US address or US credit card. Please advise how to purchase ChatGPT Plus using Indian Credit Card.
Thank you.


I’ve been experiencing the same problem and following the instructions from the short article, I’ve tried contacting my bank (Alior Bank, Poland). They informed me that the issue in my case stems from the fact that the requests issued by Stripe are (somehow) of a type noncompliant with the EU PSD-2 directive?, and that I should request for the payment receiver to modify the requests issued - I’d appreciate some assistance regarding that.
I’ve nonetheless experienced the same problem with my other cards, including virtual cards in US banks so I suspect it might not hit the crux of the issue.


Hello! I am experiencing the same issue with my payment and have been troubleshooting with three different credit cards and my debit card. Despite this, all cards show that the payment has not been denied and is currently pending. However, Open AI has not accepted the payment for my monthly subscription. I have read your brief article on the matter, but it did not provide sufficient guidance for resolving the issue. Could you please collaborate with Stripe to address the issue on your end? We are thrilled to support Open AI, but we are currently unable to send you money until this issue is resolved.

Please help!


Having the same issue,

I am from Egypt and I am experiencing a problem with my credit card. I reached out to my bank but they couldn’t find any record of the card being declined. However, the issue is that there are no alternative payment methods available, such as PayPal. I’m not sure what I can do to fix this problem.


Same problem here. In Spain. All my cards working on every marketplace, except ChatGPT. Something on your backend has to be wrong :sweat_smile:


This worked for me on the first try as well.

Thanks a lot. :pray:

Running into the same issue. All credit cards getting declined and support responded “we will respond in a week” :frowning:

Same issue. Multiple browsers, multiple computers, multiple cards. When the transaction is attempted, it is declined. But the fields are unclickable for entering an associated address, so it is impossible for me to add a new payment method. Verified on macOS Safari, Chrome, Android Chrome, iOS Safari, all same outcome.

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Same problem. I’m from the US and tried multiple cards. Each time it says it’s declined and tells me to try a debit card. I try a debit card and it says that was declined, try another card. It’s not us, it’s Stripe. Get this thing figured out! You’re losing a lot of money!


I received the same error when I input credit card detail using laptop. My issue get resolved after I tried to add payment detail through mobile. So it’s either related to VPN in desktop (unlikely) or the webpage issue of PC.