Wow in a few lines

Hello I am always amazed by what you can get by a well-formed prompt:

GPT-3 ill

  1. GPT-3 knows about variables/placeholders
  2. GPT-3 knows what empathy is
  3. GPT-3 knows about conjugating sentences
  4. GPT-3 knows which version of {sentence} should be taken care of
  5. GPT-3 speaks French
  6. GPT-3 takes care of typos

Thank You Great Team !



Amazing! Glad to see the diverse capabilities of GPT-3!

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Very cool! Have you tried with different syntax? Are there any variations in the results?

I am working on this type of prompting which seems to be quite adequate. I will for sure keep you updated on OAI channel.
Sincerely yours,