Would there be a way to add multi-roles to the API?

I’m trying to make a ChatGPT plugin (Not via ChatGPT Plus, I’m broke! Manually.) that gives 100% accurate PC time. It’s hard, I know, but what if we could do that? Make multiple user/plugin roles? :slight_smile:

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I’m doing a similar thing but for different reasons. You’ll need a good prompt chaining system with MRKL or ReAct capabilities. Whether you are using langchain or not, I would take a look at Microsofts Semantic Kernel. You should do a deep dive in that and at least 1 full small project with the planning. They have done a really good job explaining how to get an AI to more than just a few stuffed prompts. Langchain has some of the same capabilities, but Semantic Kernel lays it all out in an intuitive way.

But, I’d suggest deep diving into that to get a better understanding of the whole process. But it’s definitely doable. I have a framework that I’d say is halfway there to that. Once I have a free weekend again I’ll probably be able to finish it off. Don’t know how much programming experience you have though. If you don’t have much, I’d stick with semantic kernel, they are moving in that direction and I’m sure someone will make an opensource version built on it.

Good luck.

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