Would there be a way to add a parameter that is the inverse of top_p?

I am experimenting with the openai chatcompletions api for the purpose of writing poetry. I am currently battling the overuse of clichés. No amount of forbidding this in the system prompts changes anything. increasing the temperature helps a bit, but doesn’t eliminate clichés entirely, and starts introducing terrible gibberish at some point (temp > 1.5)
Reducing top_p (<0.5) makes every response the same and terribly clichéd, even with a higher temp. This makes sense, as it’s only drawing from the most obvious language pool.
So what I am looking for is this:
How can I exclude/deactivate the top 10% of suggestions?
I feel that in order for the gpt to become truly creative this would be necessary.

This is roughly the philosophy of creativity I am going for:
In order for something to be unique and new, it needs to possess a certain newness to be on the edge of what is accepted/standard art, but not so new that it would be totally outlandish. It also has to stay clear of anything in the center of the circle, because that’s the zone of clich’es, kitsch, etc. Anything on the edge however, that sits in that intersection of those two circles (acceptable/known vs alien/foreign/new) in the venn diagram would be in the ideal zone. A bit new/crazy/risky, but not so much that it would be incomprehensible or out of touch with existing art.
How could this be achieved? There must be some kind of way to implement the inverse of top_p in your code?

for clarity’s sake, the moment the words poetry or poet fall, every second suggestion is something about “dancing”, “stars”, “moon”, “whispers” yada yada. After a while it becomes unbearable.

You can use temperature and top_p in concert. You cannot demote by certainty across the whole spectrum of logit choices, or assign a specific formula for reinterpretation of logprobs, but you can make selections almost all equally-likely when you use top_p to prevent the worst of choices. However, as generation progresses, a single completely-inappropriate token can throw the inference into nonsense.

temperature:2.0, top_p: 0.999, model:gpt-3.5-turbo:

Years of training, dedication, and preparation all led Captain Michael Reeves to this pivotal moment–orbiting high above Earth in the vast expanse of the stars on his most significant mission to date. As the commander of the Gemini Expedition, he had proudly embraced his role and executed his duties impeccably while overseeing critical research, exploration, and fostering partnerships across national boundaries in the name of expanding humanity’s reach beyond the confines of the familiar blue planet he once called home.

However, amidst all the admiration for his professional success, there lingered a whisper of a different kind of yearning, a wistfulness veiled by the labyrinth of metal walls enclosing him. They fulfilled their duty of containment, working robotically to staunchlessly serve Captain Reeves in one unmistakeable spirit he selectively acknowledged across the trans-boundlessness this country never kantunsben hav wence fariously, are zeback find once.

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run 2, identical input:

Staring out of the window of his space station, Astronaut Alex Gage sighed as he gazed down at Earth twinkling below him like a vibrant jewel. He had spent months aboard the massive metal structure suspended high above the planet he yearned to return to. Far below, beyond the galaxy of stars, miles upon miles separated him from the person he missed the most - his loving girlfriend, Zoe.

His mind often wandered back to days on Earth spent wrapped in her arms, their laughter rippling through cozy little cafes and moonlit beaches where waves lapped gently at the shore. Here in outer space, surrounded only by coldness and endless silence, a deep longing grew within him – a yearning for the touch, the warmth, the infinite love they had shared together. He missed her, missed her voice filling every room, missed feeling her fingers weave gently through his.

There were countless exhilarating tasks to be carried out aboard the station - complex scientific experiments, fixing malfunctions in outer space equipment, step-by-step mechanical repairs that spark excitement in his gloomy space deserted biology. Amidst the controlled chaos of interstellar expeditions, thundrous space confrontups beside anonymous sky-part staff boarding incident response causing overwhelming in orbit thrill maneuverables around age-barbit tasks

Poetry is something that is a specifically-trained skill, a demonstration, the reinforcement of a particular pattern that is satisfying, almost making the AI as if it was given a form letter. Making it win rap battles. Knocking the top_p back to .995:

(Verse 1)
Yo, blastin’ off, I’m an astronaut in space
Orbiting these planets, million miles, such a long race
Dreamin’ ‘bout the woman holdin’ me tight in her arms
Feelin’ lost out here, yearnin’ for them charms
Tellin’ Houston, mission control, I’m comin’ back
Homeward bound to where my girl waits, tracks on the rack
Bumpin’ 2Pac in my helmet, gazing at Earth so blue
Countin’ down the minutes till I touch back with you

I’m an astronaut in love, lookin’ at the stars above
Longin’ for you, babe, need your love

(Verse 2)
Floating in zero gravity, endless and cold
Lost in space without you, babe, feels so damn old
Every orb and glide around these celestial creations
But nothing like seeing you again to soothe these temptations
Still reppin’ the West side as I chart these galactic wonders
Holdin’ onto memories of us under those Californian thunder
From the studio sessions to the midnight drives
Meant for each other, still thuggin’ in the sky

Ok, setting top_p to value very close to 1 does eliminate some of the gibberish, unfortunately the text (in particular the rap) is still full of clichés. As I was saying, having some kind of way to eliminate the most obvious words on the other end would be crucial for making the system more usable for writing poetry.

Is there any way to forward this idea to the developers?