Worst roll out of a new product line ever

Why not warn people of the impending update and disaster about to fall all Of their GPT4s? So now all custom models don’t have the original capabilities that they were designed with, and we have to re-create them all???

I don’t know what’s going on over there but for a language AI company you could’ve used a little more language to communicate. The devastating impacts on small businesses but your decision to deactivate basic functions on GPT4.

Because you have a monopoly, I guess you’re going to keep my money and I’m just going to sit here and wait for the next botched rollout.

My level of aggravation with your company over this weekend into today is Off the scales. I made a special account just so I could log into your forums to complain because you’ve shut down your support services.

And what’s goin on when these rate limits?!! A little transparency please I can’t get through 5 questions without being timed out.

My weekend, exploring why my GPTS seemed to be devolving and waiting for the rate limit to clear so I could ask another question … only to find out oh… this was on purpose???

I don’t think custom GPTs are using the new model yet.

Though I hope it becomes an option, because when it was using 4o by default for a little while a few days ago, it worked really well with my GPT.