Worlds biggest US based cloud provider partners with open source AI that is most popular in China?

Ok. So I am not an expert yet, but I was looking to make my own models instead of using GPT4.
So far Hugging Face/Open Assistant looks very promising.
Before I choose tools I always want to understand who is behind it, who backs it, … to be sure to bet on the right horse.
And there I found something that does not add up…

  • Open AI is blocked in China
  • Hugging Face seems to be very popular in China.
  • Hugging Face partnered with AWS
    → So the worlds biggest cloud provider who is based in the US - AWS - is supporting hugging face which is very popular in China.
    Is there anything I missed here?
    Just to be sure. I love China, I love the US. I love competition, but I just do not want to bet on a horse that will be maybe slaughtered soon by politicians.