Working on an assistants with Whats app history Chat! Feedback Please šŸ™šŸ»

Hi community!

Im currently validating and idea with chat gpt assistants and i want to share u all to see if any of you have good insight!

im working on a assistant that receive a whats app chat (exported directly from whats app with out images) and create interface to talk to the chat.

For example you upload your all history chat with any of your family and then by the process of chat gpt you can ask any kind of question about your relationship created in that conversation.

I been trying the assistants different prompts even trying with fine tuning ahah!

Do u have any recommendation on this proyects? did you see any similar on the community?

Ftemari from Argentina :argentina:

Hi Fede! Iā€™m from Argentina too. The idea sounds good!

You tried fine tuning with openai model or in another way? And what was the outcome of the test?

I would recommend to use the openai embeddings model to vectorize the chat data and be able to make queries, rather using than the assistant api. Not sure if you were thinking about other functionalities but for the Q&A it might not be that necessary.