Will you stay with openai if better alternatives arrive? (General thoughts on how the community feels currently)

I’m making this post simply wondering how everyone currently feels towards OpenAi. Do you feel a sense of loyalty towards OpenAi? For example if you have a Netflix subscription, yet a cool show arrives on Hulu, you wont cancel your Netflix and move on to Hulu. I feel like loyalty towards tech that we use comes when we see it as the main option. So I’m wondering currently, if a better LLM comes out, which beats anything that openai currently have, will you be packing your bags and moving? Will you instead wait and see how OpenAi responds? How has OpenAi done in these past months, do you think things are improving or degrading? If you say degrading what can OpenAi do better? For those who say they will stay with OpenAi even if a better alternative arrives, I want to ask you why? Or maybe you’ll use both OpenAi and this new alternative? I’d be interested to see the communities thoughts regarding this.