Will the web search in ChatGPT (GPT-4o) also be available via the Assistant API?

The new web search in GPT-4o is extremely helpful. Will this feature also be available via the Assistant API in the foreseeable future?


I agree it would be awesome if it became available through the API. But you can easily replicate this functionality through function calling. You’ll need two functions. One for Google Search (Google API), and you’ll need a function for website-fetching which can visit and fetch the actual websitecontent. I recommend puppeteer for this.

You can also use Langchain, which already has build in functions for Google-search and website-fetching.

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Thanks for the tip on how to solve this yourself. If it is never implemented, I would implement it exactly as you described. The cool thing if it would be integrated is that it would probably be much faster than scraping it myself. I noticed with GPT-4o that it was extremely fast to load the web pages. With previous GPT versions it always took quite a long time for the web page to load. I suspect that OpenAI has probably already saved them.