Will I never be able to use this artificial intelligence system?

I’ve been talking to ChatGPT for a few months now, and most of the time, I need their help in understanding translations. When communicating with foreign clients, I usually use translation software to translate the text, and then send it to our conversation for ChatGPT to check the grammar. However, I still struggle to understand English and often have to switch back and forth between translation tools. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not intelligent enough or if it’s unnecessary to do it this way. Occasionally, when clients send me emails, I use Google Translate to convert it to Chinese. Although I recognize every Chinese character, I still struggle to understand the meaning. In these situations, I have to rely on ChatGPT to help me analyze the text. Fortunately, they have been very helpful (this process requires me to repeatedly copy and paste in the conversation, ask questions, and act as a middleman between ChatGPT and my clients). I can’t live without ChatGPT now, so I let it help me analyze and modify anything I don’t understand. I just need to ask precise questions, and it will help me answer them. However, I have found that when my requests are not very accurate, ChatGPT can sometimes struggle to help me, especially when I try to understand new platform rules.And when I ignore it for a few minutes, it keeps disconnecting and asking me to verify. Its responses are limited and can only help me understand limited passages of text. When I try to understand something beyond text, it becomes difficult to get an answer if I cannot accurately describe it.

I know that OpenAI should be more than this, and I know that as long as I use it correctly, it will continue to learn and help me. I understand that OpenAI’s interaction will be more helpful for my work and life than the conversational assistance I currently get from ChatGPT. However, I don’t know how to apply it. I’ve been trying to figure out what an API is, but there are a lot of code and pages in the tutorials that I don’t understand, and I’ve tried to follow the steps on my computer, but I’m sitting here not knowing what I’m doing, and it’s driving me crazy.I don’t even know if I’ve managed to put it on my computer after all the clicking.

I want to ask, as someone who knows nothing about programming and computer code, will I never be able to use this artificial intelligence system?

Hi @jiaxinli77889. Your commentary is thought-provoking.

I’m not so certain. Here’s an example suggesting why we might be overstating our expectations.

As early adopters of LLMs, we need to be cognizant of OpenAI’s intentions - these are early experience apps designed to educate, stimulate, and help us envision new and advanced AI solutions. They are not intended to solve for (x).

I think it’s safe to say (without speaking for OpenAI) that these user-facing applications exist on a continuum with a tipping point - to the left is prototypical experimentation, and to the right are production solutions. The tipping point rests directly atop OpenAIs APIs.

In your case, it is like you are trying to fly an advanced fighter jet without any benefit of any simulator training or hands-on-yoke flight school itself. APIs (in general) are best understood in flight school with generalized integration tasks. You are apparently without this underlying experience, so naturally, you are struggling. Using LLMs with APIs is another level of complexity - every launch from the carrier deck results in an ejection and then splashdown. :wink:

I recommend you start with the basics of API integrations and gradually prepare yourself for LLM application-building. Or, find a good partner who has experience and who has the time to mentor your progress.

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