Will ChatGPT Plus kill GPT-3 based apps?

Hi, I had this query since I first used the ChatGPT. However I just brushed away this thought thinking ChatGPT will always be a RESEARCH Preview like GPT-3 PLAYGROUND.

However, since with ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI us technically wants the same pie from tye user base, I’m compelled to ask, Will ChatGPT kill or try to KILL GPT-3 based apps like Jarvis, Copy.AI, Writesonic, Cognitiev (thats what I’m building), Codemate and other simple apps?

I know we have a wait list for ChatGPT API, however, I’m not so sure about the pricing of the same and wouldn’t OpenAI price it in a way which will make it unaffordable for us to compete with ChatGPT Plus.

Would love to hear back from you guys on this.

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