Why Should OpenAI Appreciate Every Subscriber?

As a loyal subscriber to OpenAI’s service for 17 months, I’ve consistently demonstrated my support by paying $20 monthly, totaling $340. This financial commitment, along with the contributions of every other subscriber, is a significant part of OpenAI’s success, irrespective of its multi-billion dollar valuation.

In a democracy, where every vote counts and everyone is encouraged to participate in elections, each subscription to OpenAI is a vote of confidence and support. People might feel that $20 a month is nothing to a multi-billion dollar company, but when you consider the subscribers’ collective power, it becomes clear that each “vote” matters. The accumulation of these individual contributions helps fund the company’s operations and growth.

It’s disheartening when OpenAI uses ambiguous language like ‘coming weeks and months’ in their discussions about product launches and new features. As a paying customer who has been ‘voting’ with my wallet for nearly a year and a half, I expect and deserve more transparent communication. While the marketing strategy of building anticipation before a release is understandable, it should not be at the expense of leaving customers uninformed.

When a company I’ve supported for so long leaves me feeling disregarded and unappreciated, I question my loyalty. I can’t help but compare this situation to how movies are advertised years before their launch but with a specific release date. Knowing the exact time frame prevents people like me from constantly wondering when the product will be available.

OpenAI’s recent announcement, which came just a day before Google’s Dev day, took the spotlight but left me bothered by the vague timeline they provided. A millennium consists of weeks and months, so saying something will launch in “weeks and months” is not helpful.

More transparent, clearer, more specific information would go a long way in maintaining customer satisfaction and preventing the potential loss of subscribers who may feel neglected by the company they’ve supported for so long. Just as every vote counts in a democracy, every subscription counts in the success of a company like OpenAI. It’s time for them to start treating their customers’ “votes” with the respect and transparency they deserve.