Why my GPT-4 is still telling me that he is running on technical issues

Hi. I´m having problem with my GPT-4. I´m trying to learn him something but it still telling me that he has some kind of issues. This is one of the examples:

“I’m encountering a technical issue while trying to update the behavior of “Píš ako ja…”. However, I understand the adjustments you’re looking for. You want the GPT to learn from the style of the text you provided and apply a similar approach to rewriting official reports and texts. This style includes making the text more interesting and slightly informal, adding unique perspectives and interesting details like comparisons or metaphors. I’ll keep this in mind and do my best to replicate this style in future responses. If there are more specific changes or examples you’d like to provide, feel free to share them!”

He is telling me that he understands but he is not changing anything in config. This issue is just an example. Sometimes he will tell something else.

What is a problem? Thank you for advice.

Little update. This is doing all the time.

Do you see any errors in browser’s developer console as well?

A lot of people have this problem now. I have this since 5 Days

This is what my dev console in browser is telling me.