Why Mac App keeps always foreground?

Hi, is possible to remove this default feature?

Each time I open ChatGPT mac app, it keeps in front of my screen. No matter if I open a different application, it keeps always at front.

I will provide to you some examples:
First, I have the app closed:

Second, I open it:

Third, when I want to open another app (like Settings in this case) it keeps at the front:

I tried modifying the configurations in the app but it didn´t work (Like activating and deactivating Options > Window > Bring all at front):

Thank you for the opp.

Hey, with ChatGPT open there is a tool on the top of your screen:
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 8.49.45 AM
You can click on it and toggle “Keep ChatGPT on Top” to off.


Thank you very much!! It was the solution.

Have a nice day!

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