Why i cant access to my chatgpt-Plus?

I noticed that money was deducted from my account this month for the Chat GPT Plus service, but I still do not have access to it. Instead, my account has been downgraded to the free version of Chat GPT.
I have been experiencing this problem for the past three days, and I would like to know why this is happening.
So i would like to know what steps I need to take to regain access to the Chat GPT Plus service that I have paid for.


Same here. Tried refreshing the cache, using different browsers, etc. No difference. I’ve been charged, but no access. It feels like being mocked just looking at the free “current plan” despite having bloody well paid for it!

Hey, commenting here as the chat/help section is completely useless. No customer service email, no way to type into the chat, so the option of “billing and access are not matching” is not available. Tried multiple computers with resets on cache/new browsers to no avail. I have the option of paying for another subscription but no way to contact the company.

Same here, I‘ve had this problem for days as well and OpenAI doesnt reply to my emails either, please let me know when it‘s solved for you!

I have the same issue. Can assistance be rendered please?