Why GPT-3 unable to answer

Hello ,

I am using GPT-3 for a QnA application.

I have a below text passage ,

" We decided that Siri’s revenue model was dependent on “cpa” or click-per action, basically getting a fee for helping execute a transaction."

Following two questions it is not answering correctly.

"How did Siri make money ? "
"What was the revenue model of Siri ?"

It only answers correctly when I ask "What was Siri’s revenue model?"

The meaning of all the 3 questions is same. However, GPT-3 Davinci model is not giving the right answer to all the 3 questions.

Please suggest what is the solution?

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Yes, we are using Answer endpoint with file.

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Thank you. I was wondering if GPT-3 can understand Possessive nouns. If it can differentiate between Sisi and Siri’s.

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