Why does chatGPT not accept my mobile number

I am not able to create an account, the prompts won’t accept my mobile number. It responds by saying that it does not accept a landline number. But my number is indeed a mobile number and not a landline telephone number.

Please help.

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Same with me, I rebooted my computer and that didn’t help, then I downloaded Crome to see if it was my browser, that didn’t help. I attempted to log into help, but without the account set up, that didn’t work either, help please

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Another one here. I’m entering a standard UK mobile number which the web form is identifying as a “premium phone number”. Seems impassable.

Same… I tried and tried. Not possible to open an account.

Same problem here - says my mobile number is a landline. How does it even do this? I thought all phone numbers are transferrable.

This is a bit off topic, but while most numbers are traveled, not all of them are.

Telephone numbers are assigned to carriers in blocks within the area code (NPA) and the prefix (NXX) of the number.

You can do a lookup of assigned carriers on many sites, here is one example,

Based on your phone number it is trivially easy to identify the “home” operator of the number.

There are more sophisticated, and private, systems which identify the operator who is currently in possession of the number as well as what type of number it is.

All that said, I have no insight into how OpenAI is determining your number to be a landline, but, whatever the system they are using that’s what it says.

I would assume if you enter your NPA-NXX into the link I shared the providers will be primarily for fixed-line services.

I searched my number (using that NPA-NXX link) and the provider indicated is primarily wireless. It lists my original provider (not my current provider). My number has always been a wireless number. :person_shrugging:t3:

I don’t know then. You’ll need to reach out to support at support@openai.com or help.openai.com to fix any issues with your account.

I’d consider including some documentation from your cell phone provider as evidence the number you are providing is a wireless number.