Why does ChatGPT always generate higher quality answers on the second or third time?

Why does ChatGPT always generate higher quality answers on the second or third time?
I am currently trying to use ChatGPT to double check the conversation between sales personnel and customers, but I am wondering why ChatGPT only produces high-quality answers on the second or third response? Is there any who can explain? or any reason?
Thank you to those who can answer

Role-playing help me get a better response. This helps me to better understand the context of the conversation and ChatGPT generate more relevant and informative responses based on this. As for why ChatGPT gives a better response on the second time with the same prompt " I don’t Know" but that works.

Example with clear Context follow up question:

lets say you ask ChatGPT, "**What is the best way to lose weight**?" ChatGPT might give you a general answer, such as "**Eat healthy and exercise regularly**." However, if you then follow up with a question like, "**What are some specific healthy foods that I should eat**?", ChatGPT can use that information to generate a more specific and helpful response, such as "**You should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains**."

Role-Playing Example:

 You are an Experience dietitian, You have to help me on so-and-so...

In my personal opinion not just ChatGPT also image generation models often give better responses much on second version than first one.

Thanks for your answer, ChatGPT’s second response is always better than the first. I just wonder if there is any method to make ChatGPT’s first response even better. In the past, I tried using roleplay to help ChatGPT understand my questions, and sometimes it responded, but it still wasn’t ideal. This has been a challenging question that has been bothering me for many days.