Why do I feel like it takes longer to generate answers after paying

Before paying, it takes about 10 seconds to generate an answer, but after paying, it takes 20 seconds to generate an answer. May I ask why? Does anyone feel the same way?

I agree with you. I also experience that it is taking longer for generating answers now when i am paying.

I actually had the opposite experience. I felt that everything become faster once I started paying.

I think we’re just fooling ourselves here, the response times are based on server load and the complexity of our requests :hugs:

My experience has been unmistakably the opposite. With free, the text trickled in. With paid, it blast across my screen much faster than I can read it. I’ve also found that availability is orders of magnitude better, which should be considered in any discussion of performance, since no response is longer than anything else. That was actually what motivated me to start paying, was to see whether I could get rid of the [too busy, no text for you] message.