Why chatGPT became so slow and when it gets better?

In recent days, I’ve found myself with a lot of free time as I often wait for responses from ChatGPT, and I simply have nothing to do in these moments.

Even now, as I write these lines, ChatGPT is laboriously crafting a response. Of course, I hope this is a temporary phenomenon, but I still would like to understand why productivity is sacrificed, that is, the quality of the service has deteriorated, while our payments have not decreased?

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A joke: I would also like to propose a background animation to chatGPT responses:

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I agree with you. My usage of GPT is not really heavy at all (a couple of chats per day) and it is really frustrating to wait for the prompts to get written, when some time you are just looking for a simple sentence to help you.

P.D. You can create a custom chat, if you are Premium, and tell GPT to keep the answers direct and straighforward.