Why am I getting different results on the website vs the API?

The latest API model I can use is the text-davinci-003 model and the website doesn’t use this model. I am interested in using the same model as the website, when will this be available in OpenAI’s API?

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I recently saw, on beta.openai.com, an opportunity to sign up to be notified about availability the of chatGPT by the API. Other than that, I’ve seen no other announcements.

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ChatGPT is using Davinci but it is Fine-Tuned by OpenAI folks. You can use base DaVinci model & make it even better than ChatGPT. You’d have to fine tune it. If you’re lazy like most of us wait for ChatGPT’s API to be released. Here’s the form to got yourself on a waitlist.

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Legend. I have just joined the waitlist :grinning: thank you.

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