White label AI chatbot solutions for a chatbot agency?

I don’t think you will find an out of the box solution currently.

what kind of costs are you expecting, what kind of data are you handling what kind of agency. is this internal or public?
what liability for bad information?

all these are important to know for building an custom solution. well some chatbots people think put an ai on it to make it better but don’t realize that the costs both from per use / data or the legal costs for mistakes.

here is some running costs for me a single user of a an memory system that can recall anything for example :

  1. GPT-4 Turbo
  • Cost: $45.51
  • Operation: Completion
  • Total Context Tokens: 4,464,794
  • Total Generated Tokens: 28,604
    Number of Requests: 180 <— only 180 questions
  1. GPT-3.5 Turbo
    *Cost: $34.96
    *Operation: Completion
    *Total Context Tokens: 64,360,654
    *Total Generated Tokens: 1,854,441
    Number of Requests: 11,554 ← more data and calls on
    cheaper model

The data I provided shows that GPT-4 Turbo, while more expensive per day, might be cost-effective if it handles requests more efficiently or if the quality of interactions is significantly better.

Data Accuracy and Processing Needs: The kind of data your agency handles and the need for accuracy will determine whether a general-purpose AI like GPT-3.5 or a more advanced version like GPT-4 is necessary.

This is based on one user in a 24h period.

The models were changed do to token limits exceeded on the 16k model. so GPT4 was triggered to handle the tokens rather than chunking just so we can get an idea on the costs.

something to think about. wanted to share.


I guess you could call my Chatbot “White Label”, but it’s currently designed specifically for use in Discourse (this forum is an instance of Discourse).

It’s a bot that is also designed to provide service to Customers who are also signed up to the company’s community.

But it also has less serious capabilities of course, and can just add to the fun of being on a forum.

I have a current client that is about to use it for Customer Service, we go live with it very soon :slight_smile:

So yeah, serious project, not a hobby.

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LangChain is perhaps the most powerful open source thing you can research for this, but I’m not sure anyone’s packaged it in exactly the way you want, but inherently it “can” do a chatbot functionality, and also on most Cloud AI providers (not just OpenAI) and even locally running AI models also.

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Do you have developers or are you hoping to use low code or no code solutions? Youtube has some instructions for using make.com to call OpenAI assistants or chat completions.

I have a working chatbot built like this because I can’t code. Fairly easy to replicate and connect to a CRM or other platforms that provide a shared inbox and messaging capabilities.

Handles simple communication over Whatsapp, SMS, Email etc. and the white label aspect for your clients depends on the platform you connect it to. Most of them offer whitelabeling at the higher cost tiers.

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Another thing you can do is build a RAG system on top of a Content Management System (CMS). This is exactly what I did with Drupal. I think I read somewhere that someone has done something similar with WordPress.

Here is the original proposal I made: https://youtu.be/qgKiXYP8UBs?si=3xP2WlxvWSHnxqOL

I went ahead and built it out, and now have 3 sites I have “white labeled” using the same code:

All in beta right now, but proof of the concept.

What client are you offering the service to ? Can you share

Looking specifically for a low-code or no-code solution. Need a frontend chatbot as well to be able to embed on a website

I’m not at liberty to share that information at present, unfortunately.

Out of interest what platform is your website on?

My website is currently on Wordpress but looking for a solution which can be embed generally on any site in general

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Pretty much all no code chatbots can be embedded to any website, so I don’t think that part is your bottleneck. They are just like website forms. The site is loaded from one place and some elements like the forms, chatbots etc are loaded from an external server.

Any of them specifically suited for agency use-case ?

I think all of them. I use HighLevel which is an agency platform. Manychat has an agency plan also. They allow you to embed the chatbots to external websites.

I use Whatsapp and SMS chats mostly so you might want to dig deeper into their webchat widgets if that is your main use case.

Found https://thesamur.ai/white-label-ai-chatbot which fits well for my use-case

You could always look at my chatbot platform OpenAssistantGPT that help people to build chatbot without code.

You can easily add custom content from a website and then create a chatbot using your new content. All of this in few minutes!

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions.