Which database is best for developing an application using assistant API?

I am developing an application using assistant API (gpt-4, retrieval). This application will answer user’s questions about Health, Safety & Environment(HSE) and Fire Safety. This will be similar to chat GPT.

Which database should I choose for this application?

Could you give more information about what kind of information you want to store in the database?
Because the files and messages will be stored on openai’s side.

I want to store messages and conversations in my local database and retrieve them from there only. Is it a good idea? Or should I leave this to open ai?

I am working in a project that we are doing this.
We need to do it for auditing reasons inside the company.
We are using a postgress database and it is working well.

You need to have a good reason for doing this, because the database will grow a lot.

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I guess you will run out of money before exceeding storage usage… Assistant is expensive to deal with the current implementation way.

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I use sqlite to store message and conversation history in a terminal UI app i built against the completion apis. If you’re developing a service and not a local app, you can’t go wrong with something like postgres.

At the end of the day, the kind of data you’re storing is probably highly relational, but simple, so you don’t really need anything really sophisticated unless your requirements are.

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