Where can we find a list of all the openai methods


After going through the openai docs it wasn’t to clear to me where i can find all the method that can be used when we install openai with NPM. Being a javascript developer, i’m always thinking in terms of properties and methods. So i understand that there is:


Is there any other methods besides those two? Can we read about it somewhere?

I think before you look at how wrappers are structured, you should review the core OpenAI API docs.

Every OpenAI API method is listed in the following link with code examples as well as sample API responses which you can easily use when you want to parse an API response.

Hope this helps.


@ruby_coder thanks for your reply. Ok i just realized that they have the api’s in the code blocks to the right. Since a lot of other docs usually have them in the body i was just blindly looking only there. i need some sleep.

Hi @gilles

Well, at least you looked at the docs and tried.

90 to 95% of the questions and issues posted here in our community are by people who do not read the docs at all.

Thank you for reading the API docs!