Where are "GPTs" in https://platform.openai.com/?

Is an assistant a GPT, or is a plugin a GPT, or is a GPT something else? I’m looking on https://platform.openai.com/ and I don’t see anything called GPT (except for a blurb in the plugin section, but it doesn’t expound upon the concept).

I’d like to understand how to build them and what not, but I can’t seem to find them on the backend.

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A GPT is what might be replacing “plug-ins” and will be available only to ChatGPT Plus users … Not everyone has access to them yet. If you do, you’ll have a new top design with the dropdown to choose model on the left instead of center.

Assistants are available via the API.

Hi Paul. So from a developer standpoint, are we creating an assistant and then will be able to make that available as a GPT on the frontend for the user?

No, I believe GPTs can only be created via ChatGPT Plus interface… I’ve not been able to test yet myself, but soon, I hope.

The Assistants API is more for people who haven’t made their own system to track messages/threads and basic RAG. (Retrieval augmented generation)…