When you paste a lot of code you can't scroll up to check your last message for reference

Let’s say you paste a big section of code and scroll up it’s completely blocked from scrolling up in Firefox… I like to paste my code first so I don’t forget and after I say what I’m gonna say to GPT and then hit enter and have to go back and then when I do that I’ll scroll up to reference my last message and it just won’t scroll up any farther past the large amount of code that I just pasted

The scroll bar on the right still seems to control the input box, only not reaching the full extent of the first and last lines, which you need to cursor to:

(284 lines; shown small, but the same behavior throughout viewport sizes)

I believe what is reported is that the prior conversation is invisible and inaccessible during this editing. There is no separate pane for scrolling through the input vs the chat history.

More aggravating both in the input box and also in editing: the scroll position inappropriately jumping when inputting new text, losing view of where the text is being amended.

Thanks for adding to that that’s exactly what the issue was.