When will file uploading via Assistants API get fixed?

It’s been weeks since I was testing uploading files into the Assistant API (not for retrieval but to run prompts against) and it’s still not fixed. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Why even provide the functionality if it doesn’t work?

Random error: I apologize for the inconvenience, as I am currently encountering technical difficulties while attempting to access the file content of “” for evaluation. I would appreciate it if you could upload the document again or provide the text here so I may proceed with the requested evaluation and tips for improvement.

It’s been working - I built a fully functioning workflow using it. However, it does actually seems to be having issues over the last day or two.

Have you enabled the retrieval tool in your assistant create call? What file format are you uploading? What’s the error you’re receiving?

Thanks, it’s not for retrieval docs. It’s attaching a file to a prompt. Using the Assistant Playground results in the same random errors. Passing a simple .TXT for example results in random messages like the one in my original post. It’s been going on for weeks and makes using the feature impossible, really.