When will a custom GPT quote from a doc in its knowledge source?

When will a custom GPT quote from a doc in its knowledge source, and when will it refuse to do so, but then paraphrase the information?

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There is no real way to truly identify the “when” here. It more or less depends on your initial prompt, the abilities of the user to prompt, and the knowledge files itself. These models, especially lately, do tend to prefer paraphrasing.

What would you like it to do? If you provide us some more details, we should be able to offer you more guided assistance :slightly_smiling_face:.

I wonder if the behavior of the custom model depends on if its saved (updated) to “Only Me” / “Anyone with a link” or saved to “Everyone”…

I made some custom models to quote poems that I uploaded in its “Knowledge” source… now I understand that there is (arguably) an issue with copyrights of the poems, even though some are centuries old. The custom GPT used to deliver them without problem, but now it refuses to do so (since a couple of days). Of course that model is available to “Everyone”, but does GPT take this into account ?

I have another custom model that I want to deliver (to me) paragraphs of documents that are important for my work, and that one is saved for “Only me”… and I want to know if I will be able to retrieve my documents or not…

What are the rules in other word ?

So, sharing a GPT does not affect knowledge file retrieval.

Knowledge files are essentially RAG (retrieval augmented generation). What this means is that the model intelligently decides when to place extra information into its context window. It’s more like a guide or walkthrough for the AI.

The GPT base model was recently updated, so that could factor in. We know that GPT is becoming more and more sensitive to copyrighted content likely because of the legal issues surrounding OpenAI. Furthermore, if you are using a poet by name, that can occasionally cause problems as well. It wasn’t as sensitive about that before, but it’s notably getting worse.

If you want to build a private GPT to deliver snippets of text, you will be fine. It will be retrievable.