When editing a prompt in ChatGPT the window jumps to the answer

When you add a longer prompt of a couple of hundret lines and after the first few response tokens you already know that the answer won’t be as you expect it to be. You press the stop button and then have to scroll to the top of your prompt to edit it - which already isn’t ideal - but when you start editing the prompt it will also move the focus to the answer - which means you have to put your screen in vertical position in 4k… and I highly doubt that everyone has that option…

An easy solution would be to simply give the frontend developers ridiculously bad hardware especially screens so they feel it…


Editing an existing prompt in a ChatGPT conversation has been painful for quite some time already.

Here’s to hoping that OpenAI will allocate some time to improve the UI.

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wow it got fixed… that was fast. I am officially impressed.

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