When do I get DALLE-2

I’ve been waiting for dall 2 for a long time, when will you give access You keep sharing photos from Instagram I see that the application is great now please give me access too.


I think you might have to look at the definition of what “a long time” is. Dalle-2 is only out a few weeks.


IMO This post captures the sentiments of a good number of folks.


Take a number. A lot of us want access.


You are indeed right my friend :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Hi everyone! This help article reflects the latest information about DALL-E access and will be updated weekly with any new information.


Thanks for the update. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people will make with it.

Thanks. I’m interesting in trying it out for LitRPG Adventures items/people…

Appreciate the update.

Curious, has there been any word on how many waitlist applicants there are presently? IIRC it was at about 100,000 during the first week, and I imagine it’s much higher now.

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I was given access to Codex. This is what came out of it. JiggleO - Generative Ethereum Art

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What to do while waiting for DALL-E 2:

  1. Follow some AI artists (DALL-E 2 and otherwise) for inspiration.
  2. Watch Bakz T Future’s video series showing the DALL-E 2 interface and trying out various use cases.
  3. Get your list ready. DALL-E 2 is crazy fast, so if you’re not organized you may start running out of all those ideas you were waiting so long to work on.
  4. Play with other models. Waiting for DALL-E 2 has prompted me to get into Disco Diffusion and MidJourney
  5. Start learning about art history. Seems like part of prompt hacking is knowing the right references/styles to draw from.
  6. (And this may be unique to me) start raiding thrift shops for square picture frames. I’ve been doing some testing with upscaling to 300dpi and I’ve got a print shop near me that can do giclee printing so the colors looks sharp when printed.

I’m with ya. I took this month off from work so I can deep-dive into AI models and add illustrations to some of my GPT-3 short stories. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m very unlikely to get DALL-E access before the month’s out. Make the best of it, and make sure when it’s finally your turn you can hit the ground running!

These’s some crazy exciting stuff ahead, and the FOMO is real. Just remember you’re not alone.


Yes, I keep searching through my ‘spam’ folder just on the chance that an approval email has come through. So many great examples on Twitter. Whew.

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The other day my invoice for the GPT-3 API came in. When I saw I had a new Email from OpenAI I nearly had a heart attack :grin:.


Also looking forward… meanwhile, I am searching Twitter daily for #dalle2

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Me too!!!11!!1!1

New update from OpenAI.


It’s good news. :partying_face: I hope it continues by increasing the number of users.


I am so excited to give this one a go as well… hopefully, we get picked up and get access soon, I already have a successful GPT3 app LIVE and accommodating over 2000 users. Can’t wait to get access to DALLE-2 as well. We can really provide good feedback.

The results I keep coming across on twitter/reddit are incredible. Like everyone else I’m excited to give it a try someday.

Big props to the OpenAI team for another amazing achievement.

Back to rendering audio w/ Jukebox while I wait :slight_smile:

I got an E-Mail to use this account and I thought it was the Dalle-2 access, I just thought i was not clever enough to find the right Button :slight_smile: