What's the new Team ChatGPT4 Cap Limit?

What happens if you have 50 team members, each one costing you $30 per seat, and each only have a 2 out of 100 message limit?

Answer: No, that’s not how it works.

THIS :trophy:

You can add:

  • Impact on deadlines and failure to deliver tasks.
  • If payment method fails outside of your admin working hours, you simply CANNOT access existing chats, no 24 extension, no blocked chats, you can’t access your work.
  • BUT THE WORST of all, is really the amount of useless outputs due to lack of memory, not adhering to instructions, lengthy explanations 3/4 of the response.

Hopefully the time i’ve wasted in writing this message, unlocked my cap limit…


My limit ran out today after 3 inquiries. I am cancelling my subscription. I am looking for alternatives. I’m not going to pay for something I’m not getting. Wasted money.

The AI apologized several times today after miscalculating something by ignoring my instructions. Why should we get penalized when the AI makes calculation errors and ignores basic data in the instructions?

In my case, I was getting help understanding retirement benefits, so my instruction was to calculate for age 70 instead of 67. but the AI kept typing “67” instead of “70” in the label across from the calculated sum. When I asked whether the sum was for 67 or 70, the AI admitted the error and had to recalculate (and relabel) several times over the course of the discussion.

I was penalized with a limit error.

I think gpt team only for higher programmer and most informative people but i love gpt 3.5 and 4o. This is cool for me