What's the best solution for speeding up proofreading?

What we do

Proofread transcribed text(Japanese) to improve its readability by using GPT4.
Meetings we transcribe would be 30min - 1h30min long, and it takes about 25 mins for proofreading.


Speeding up the process of proofreading with properly improved result.
Preferrably faster than 20 mins.

  • Completing proofreading within seconds for transcripts that costs 1,000 tokens.
  • Completing proofreading within a minute for transcripts that costs 2,000 tokens.

Known issue

More tokens will take more time.
1,000 tokens for transcript takes 1 minute for proofreading, and ChatGPT times out if it takes over 6 minutes for generating texts.

prompt we use


# Directive

# Meeting Transcription

The meeting transcription is a written record of the contents of a meeting conducted in Japanese. The content of the meeting involves a certain company explaining its financial results to investors. Please answer #User Commands considering the following points:

# Notes

* The transcription is performed by a machine learning model, and its accuracy is not 100%.
* The transcription results may include descriptions related to the progress of the meeting and background noise, in addition to the participants' remarks. Please ignore any irrelevant noise.
* The transcription results include fillers. Fillers are words or sounds used in conversation to fill gaps while choosing the next words, such as "um," "uh," and "but..."
* The first half of the meeting consists of explanations from the company's directors and officers, while the second half is a question and answer session.

# Meeting Transcription

''' {transcript} ‘''


# User Directive

If background music is played before or after the start of the meeting, it may lead to incorrect transcriptions like the examples in #Silent Transcription Examples, even though there are no spoken words. Please delete such incorrect transcriptions from #Meeting Transcription. If no incorrect transcriptions are found, please return the #Meeting Transcription as it is.

# Examples of Silent Transcription


* Yes, hmm.
* Oh, hmm.
* Wow!


# Notes


* Do not alter the original meaning of the text.
* Do not omit or change numbers.
* Do not omit or change the subject.

That would be amazing if anyone could advise any solutions to improve the speed. Feel free to ask me if you need further information.