What the heck has happened to ChatGPT? It's nearly unusuable!

So, I’ve been trying to use ChatGPT (premium edition) to create a jupyter note book via the noteable plugin on the topic of Langchain. ChatGPT seems to be approaching senility at this point. It constantly forgets what I’ve asked it to do. At this point, it’s becoming unusuable. Here’s the chatgpt link so that you can see what’s happening.
Apologies for the cursing.

As you can see it’s constantly forgetting and giving me wildly wrong answers to things that I ask it to do. This seems to be something that has been happening for a while, but it seems to be getting worse, not better.

Also, when is OpenAI going to update the training material dates? The longer it waits, the less relevant ChatGPT is going to become.