What level of intelligence is required to learn programing?

Since I was kid I heard people saying that “he is so intelligent he knows programing” or " wow she built an app, he can build a website, amazing !! Yes I know things have been changed now, it’s far easier to build a website without much knowledge of coding.

Do you think as a programer you’re unique? you can solve math questions better than others? or something that’s different in you than those around you who think your work is challenging?

After a week of research on various skills, I finally selected prompt engineering and basics of programing, i’m very excited while learning and watching free courses and YouTube videos, but I wanna be realistic. Im not as sharp and present minded as many people of my age are. Also my congnative abilities are average. I wanna ask those who are skilled programers, let’s suppose a person who’s in his 70’s and wanna learn programing, can he do that?

Second question, what are common mistakes you have done in your entire programing career that others can avoid?

Programming as a skill will always be valuable, it’s primarily about breaking down a complex task into a smaller chunks and sub-diving those chunks into even smaller ones until you have something you can calculate or make a decision on based on as few inputs as possible, usually 2 and give a single output(usually) . That skill works across many areas of life and is worth investing in at any age.

Prompt engineering will be around for another 12-24 months in my estimation, but perhaps not much past that as AI is rather good at generating prompts itself, so I see that as a vanishing requirement moving forwards, still worth spending time on now though as it has value.

I think the most common mistake is trying to learn something that does not fill you with passion, it will be a slow and hard process, if it excites you… it’s basically just grown up play and it’s awesome!


Absolutely, could not agree more!!!


This is what I needed to know, I was spending too much time on prompt engineering and thinking of making it my career, I guess you’re experienced enough to predict that prompt engineering won’t be in demand in the long run, I’ll still do my research though.


I don’t think being sharp has much to do with anything.

It’s more a matter of grit and tenacity. If you’re super “intelligent” but you’re not able to hunker down and solve an issue you’re not gonna be very valuable to anyone.

If you can learn to systematically autonomously go through stuff, sometimes through trial and error, you’ll be able to solve most issues. And with ChatGPT as a sounding board or pair programmer it’s more accessible than ever. We don’t necessarily need super smart people. We need people that can put in the work. If they’re super smart, that’s a bonus. But the work ethic is the actual prerequisite.


Yep this.

That is why you should initially set your goals low, and iterate on your solutions.

Slowly but surely you will build ever more complex systems and you will not lose faith.

You need to be prepared for times when you are initially bamboozled by a problem, but have faith that sometimes the solution comes to mind gradually or sometimes with an epiphany (often this happens away from the computer, like during a walk in a park!)

It can take a lot of investment in time to learn an ecosystem of any language or platform, but if you take things slowly and steadily, you will get there. (to give you an idea, many top companies won’t hire developers (outside of graduate programmes) without 7 years of experience on their tech stack!)

The most important thing you need is a goal you want to achieve that you will continue to strive for until you’ve achieved it.

I once talked about a hard problem to a CTO I was working with recently.

He said “it’s just work”. :smiley:

That’s the attitude of a can-do guy :slight_smile:

Be a can-do person and you will prosper in IT!


Yes I’m a problem solver, there are many instances in life when I was able to solve a problem when everybody around me was failed, like solving Double M Mattel Puzzle, various house issues, but my point is not everyone can do everything, I can do stuff that requires focus, and time and patience but I get confused when I have to multi task, I’m slow than most people in responding and speaking, may be it has to do something with reflexes, I can’t shift my focus easily from one thing to another, and I have been criticized on it alot, forexample if im using phone than ill won’t be able to hear the loudest voice, and people think I’m deaf , even sb at workplace told me that, do you have hearing issue? I took online test I had not hearing issue at all, so I have realized my mind is a bit different it cannot use it’s all senses at the same time, people can focus on many stuff in a group setting, but I can listen to only one person, I’m interested in and the rest of the group is disappeared , so I miss things, so I feel others are so sharp.

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Sounds good to me. Can’t do multiple things at once? Sometimes you have to investigate multiple branches, but you can’t do all of them at the same time. If you can’t remember, just have a notepad or sticky notes or whatever at the ready to keep track of what you’ll still have to do. Augment your deficiencies. No shame in that.

People interrupting you? tell them to sod off. If you work in software, tell them they’re being un-agile; they shouldn’t have to bother you for more than 15 minutes a day.

If you’re capable of focusing, inspecting, and introspecting, you should do pretty well. However, like in any industry, there are gonna be some garbage people that will want to pull you down - but if you land in a nice team, you should probably be golden.


A lot of computing problems require significant levels of focus and concentration. That’s completely understood and OK. Just remove yourself from distractions for a few hours.

It’s a discipline you have to get into. One of my business partners suggests “only work on two projects in a day max, one in the morning, one in the afternoon”


I’ve decided to give programing solid 4 hours daily with a timer, apart from serious learning and practicing I want to spend some time on this forum as well for relaxation. But there is so much information, I wanna read only quality information. Id be grateful if you guys suggest me just one user who posts HIGH QUALITY Stuff, whom I can read daily for 2 hours, who isn’t too dry and boring like reading documentation, his style is mature and post most accurate and up to date info/advices. If you’re not comfortable in highlighting someone than please inbox me that one name. Cz with zero knowledge I’d waste a lot of time if I decide that myself.

Funny how responses in this thread keeps appearing and disappearing but the main thread stay the same. Today morning when I decided to re-read all response, thread was empty and I wondered why would everyone delete there comments, now it’s fine. May be this forum is too heavy for my internet to browse smoothly.

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It’s usually quite a light application bandwidth wise, not sure what might of happened there, if you get it again, please let us know.

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