What is wrong with the Dart client library that I made for OpenAI APIs

I made an OpenAI client library for the Dart Programming language:that reflects all OpenAI APIs as they are, just for Dart.

I sent many requests starting a week from this moment for adding it in the community libraries, but without any single response.

I’m wondering if the library has some other issue that makes it rejected, or just I should wait so it is reviewed.




  • it has an MIT License.
  • I’am encouraging for using the API key loaded from a .env file
  • the code is very clear and all methods are well documented.
  • I did mention in the top of README.md which is the unofficial library.
  • I’am maintaining the library and committing to improving it.

I will be grateful if you, the developers can guide me on this and feedback me if possible.

Thank you!

Please see this post.

I don’t think it’s anything personal against you or your project, but a matter of priorities. ChatGPT is the fastest growing app… ever. In the history of the internet. In five days, they got to a million users which took others months.

I know it can be frustrating to wait, but patience is a virtue. Hang in there.

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I should be patient then Thank you very much for responding!

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