What is this error with completions stream. First time I see?

I don’t know what is this error. But this is first time I see that.
This is error I get from chat completions request.

{"error":{"message":"fopen(/tmp/completions): Failed to open stream: Permission denied"}}

What language/library are you using? Can you share your code (without your API key)?

I am using REST API in PHP code. It is working fine with normal chat completions. But show that error if enable stream.

Error doesn’t look like its from OpenAI, looks related to your code/system.

Are you calling the API with a library or straight curl? Are you trying to save stuff to /tmp? Are you running SELinux/some restrictive VM/Windows?

Thank you so much. I got that. I am trying fix that.

Mind sharing more of your code and environment details?

Yeah. I fixed that. The issue is coming from private server with permission of tmp folder. When I am trying call REST API with stream.