What is prompt and how tokens were calculated

144 prompt + 26 completion = 170 tokens (<$0.01)

so it means every time I click submit everything on the playground is taken into consideration for pricing I guess

Q: What is Otosclerosis?
A: This is a middle ear disease. It makes it harder for the tiny bones in the middle ear to move. It causes conductive hearing loss. This condition is often treated with surgery.
Q: What is Ménière’s disease?
A: Ménière’s disease is a congenital problem. It is caused by an abnormal growth of the inner ear. It’s caused by a tumor.
Q: What is Autoimmune inner ear disease?
A: This is a disease that causes the immune system to attack the inner ear. It can cause hearing loss and balance problems.

can anyone clear this Q which is in bold is an input or “prompt” and A is an output which is “completion” am I right or not and yes 1st Q and A is an input

Hi there, that’s correct, both the prompt and completion tokens are counted.

If that section is sent to the API, then the entirety of it is the input/prompt. The completion is anything returned by the API.


Yes that’s correct, thank you for the clarification!