What is needed to be done to get API?


I have a question to those who got access to API GPT4. I have been trying and I feel like nothing works for me. I want to know what you guys think about this proccess of getting API.

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There are new developers being added to the GPT-4 API access list all the time.

The fundamental issue is one of resources. GPT-4 is very heavy on compute, so only a limited number of development slots have been made available, those slots typically go to those with demonstrated historical use, those with interesting and unique use case propositions and a limited number of media people.

So, the best ways to get access to the API is to use the exiting product stack, get involved with the community, help out where you can add value, come up with novel and interesting use case proposals and show them off to the public. (not necessarily all at once, just a guide as to what seems to work)


Thank you so much for help. Hope it is going to work for me!

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