What is InstructGPT in my billing?

Hello OpenAI community, I was looking through my usage for September and saw charges for InstructGPT. I couldn’t find any helpful information online when I did research on this. What was most confusing was when I would get charged for it on days I never used the API. I am fine with this charge as it is a very low amount but I still want to know what I am paying for. Thank you.

Screenshot shows September usage.


Could you have tried the instruct model on the playground? If you have not used it then you should revoke your currently active keys and generate new ones as it indicates your key is no longer secure.

I don’t see anything in the playground that is labeled as instruct. Could you explain more on where to find it?

It’s also possible that it is an issue with the usage dashboard as there apparently have been a few hiccups lately.
Hoping for the best here.
From my own dashboard I can see that all costs from the last week are summed up as if they were created on a single day.
So, something is not correct there either

I have used playground throughout the month. Is that where the instructGPT charge is from?

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Yeah, we’re charged for Playground calls…


Thank you for your help in solving this charge! I can definitely understand being charged.

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FYI, since my account is almost a key for the chart, maybe just missing Whisper:

usage key

“instructGPT” is gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct.

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