What are some easy ways to make AI writing undetectable?

I’ve been using ChatGPT and GPT-4 for a while, and I’m OK with their outputs, most of the time. Sometimes the AI response does look “very AI-like” and can be easily detected by those GPTZero tools or something like that.
Been searching for some quick and easy ways to make my AI writing undetectable. Should I just edit the text by myself or use those “undetectable AI writers”? Are they legit? Any good options around?

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Ironically, many of those “undetectable AI writers” actually use ChatGPT or GPT-4 to modify and humanize text, essentially rephrasing content via pre-written prompts. As you can see, the reliability of these tools can be questionable.

I know a trick that involves substituting certain letters with special characters to bypass AI detectors like GPTZero. While effective for slipping past such tools, it doesn’t genuinely enhance the originality or quality of the text. Google it for more details.

Professional AI text rewriting platforms like HIX Bypass, BypassAI, GPTInf, StealthGPT, and BypassGPT could be a better option. Note, tho, that their free trials might be limiting (some like having just 125 words for testing lol), and fees may apply for continued access.