We're building something cool and open source. Aiming to use RAG to allow function calling by language models to interact with any existing backend. Alpha version is live and free to test already

Chatflow: An Open Source Integration of Retrieval Augmented Generation with Backend Function Calling

We’re trying something really cool and we’re making it open source. This project primarily focuses on using Retrieval Augmented Generation to enable interactions with diverse backends.

Chatflow: A Conversational UI System

  • Interface with RESTful Backends: Chatflow integrates with systems via RESTful APIs, serving as a conversational frontend to backend services.
  • Conversational Layer: Improving on traditional GUI components such as buttons or text fields, Chatflow employs a conversational layer. This facilitates direct user-system interactions through natural language. Using NLP techniques, Chatflow deciphers and translates user inputs into actionable API requests, allowing a vast array of system functionalities to be commanded using natural language.
  • In Essence: Chatflow enables RESTful system interactions using intuitive natural language dialogues, refining user engagement and amplifying system accessibility.

System Overview

  • Natural Language Processing: Utilizes GPT-based techniques to interpret and process language.
  • Data Management: Incorporates Redis Vector DB to ensure optimal data handling and efficiency.
  • Architecture: Comprises a React-driven front-end, a Python-centric back-end, integration with the GPT API for natural language understanding, and Redis Vector DB.

Alpha Release

The Alpha version is now live and available for testing for free at newaisolutionsdotcom

Setup & Prerequisites

To embark, ensure you have Docker, Python (version 3.x), Node.js, and npm. Our project’s repository is available on GitHub at /apssouza22/chatflow

Contributions & Feedback

We are looking for collaborators. If you wish to contribute or offer feedback, your expertise and insights will be immensely valued.

Help us accelerate the adoption of natural language interfaces.