Welcome to GPTs Hunter: The Unofficial GPT Store

Hello everyone! :wave:

We’re excited to invite you all to explore and contribute to our project, GPTs Hunter - an unofficial GPT store. It’s the first and biggest GPTs directory where the community can come together to share and discover the best GPTs out there.

What is GPTs Hunter?

GPTs Hunter is the first and largest database of its kind. We’re on a mission to collect almost all GPTs shared in the public domain. It’s a place where users can easily share, search, and find the best GPTs to use with ChatGPT.

Our Journey So Far

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Our first version was a bit basic and experienced some lag when dealing with a large number of GPTs. But we’ve been hard at work, and I’m thrilled to announce that a new version is now live!

We Want Your Contributions

We’re constantly looking to grow and improve, and your contributions are invaluable to us. If you’ve created or come across an interesting GPT, we encourage you to submit it to GPTs Hunter. Let’s build a comprehensive resource together!

Check out GPTs Hunter and dive into the world of GPTs.


Well done @AI.LS . The are a lot of gpts directories popping up now so I created a subreddit for that:


Feel free to add yours there.

Thank you! I have added GPTsHunter.

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Thanks for your platform! But how many GPTs are in your database at that moment?

Hey! If you are asking how many GPTs in our first version, it was less than 1k, and now it’s 33k.

Ok. Is that figure (33k) can be visible (in real-time) on any page on your platform?

The number is show on the home page above the search input. It’s automatically updated.

Great job @AI.LS

If it helps, I have a free public database of all public GPTs. It includes a free API you can integrate into your project to future proof and ensure you always have the latest and freshest list.


Wow. Nice job! I just created an account on your website.

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Thanks @AI.LS - Can I get access to your api as well?

Thank you for making this website :slight_smile:

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Hello, could you specify which API you require? Our APIs are currently in the testing phase and haven’t been released for public use yet.