Web Interface Issues after latest update

WTF happened to auto scroll ? when i used to paste a large amount of text or code into the web interface it used to auto scroll to the bottom, it doesn’t do it anymore. after the latest update its all broken.

and if you start typing something after pasting large amounts of texts, you have to scroll again… the web interface is all f@cked up.

if this isnt fixed soon i will NOT renew my subscription.

The interface is broken since the last update, just like raymerjacque said. It’s horrible. If you paste large amount of text, you cannot scroll up anymore to see previous messages. If you keep typing, the text you are typing hides because scroller jumps up and down and so on. Guys just confirm you are aware of this issue and that someone is working on it urgently.

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i don’t think anyone at openai even gives a damn… no one has even viewed or replied to it. all i know is that my subscription is due soon and i will not resub if this is not fixed by then. i have been trying the new gemini with coding and it seems to do the job just fine. i am thinking of jumping ship to gemini advanced, its the same price and you get free storage as well. im seriously considering it. All this over a simple UI bug that should take 5 minutes to fix…

Well, I took the plunge today and subscribed to the new Gemini advanced subscription, they offer 2 free months. Tired of being overlooked at openai and complaints falling on deaf ears. The last week has been a nightmare working in chatgpt.